To me an educational institute is not an institute made up of bricks and mortar but rather it is a place that builds Character of men and women, enlightens minds and gives a lifetime experience. Our life is not a set of instructions but a series of experiences and a continuous learning process. Experience in teaching-learning with assimilation of desirable values becomes the top most priority for our PVCE. Learning in PVCE is not a set of instructions but a passion which goes beyond books, instructions and learning horizons.

We believe that the teaching-learning process at PVCE is not just a formal, routine task but a set of experiences that is explored to realize a world of wisdom. At PVCE, We aim to provide an academically exhilarating environment allowing our students to enjoy a first class educational and social experience which encourages our students to develop self-confidence, self-motivation and problem-solving skills and more importantly independent and innovative thinking. Through all these, we believe that teacher trainees from our college will be well-equipped to meet the challenges in life with their professional knowledge. Providing right education at the right time with right infrastructural facilities and efficient educators is the core objective of PVCE. Since its inception, PVCE has striven to live up its motto of believing in God for its Educational Excellence .With tireless efforts in the past and looking through the future, we are continuously moulding and forming our students to face the challenges in the world around them.

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